Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wild Wilderness Drive-through Safari  Wild Wilderness Drive-through Safari is a family travel destination in Gentry, Arkansas. The 180-acre safari is home to a variety of exotic animals. The safari consists of a 4-mile drive-through, petting parks, and walk-through areas for interaction with the animals. Pony and camel rides operate on a seasonal basis and add to the uniqueness of the park.
There were far more animals than I have pictured here.  I recommend it to everyone.  Prepare to spend the whole day there.  So much to see !!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Primitive Ritual of Argument

Arguments, some say, are exercises in primitive rudiments
Where the clench of the jaw and the glint of an eye
Telegraphs more than the native tongue could have sent
And the rhythm of the palaver produces a dance that writhes.

The bonfire stoked high with opinion’s choicest logs
Casts a radiating heat that is powerfully and unavoidably felt
As the dancers of debate whirl and spin amidst the swirling fog
The age old ritual continues long into a starless night—as each teller is also telt.

Flashing teeth and protruding tongue follow the honored rite
Dust clouds follow the stamping feet as do the flailing hands the arms
Each frenzied dancer seeking a glint of light to make his polished spear bright
Step for step and chant for chant the two dancers match each other’s charm

Soon the sun will awaken and the glowing fire will succumb to a brighter light
The then weary and dust laden dancers will cease their writhing performances
But for now they refuse to let the other dance alone in this dark night
Onlookers watch the contest, choosing sides with this or that artful stepper, from fences

Where might these dancers be—in some secluded jungle clearing?
Where do these sounds of vying voices fill the air—in far away places?
No, indeed, the dance of the argument is not so far away or hiding
The dancers, the glowing fire and the chanting wear many present day familiar faces.

Jlg – 06

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Micki's on her way to college !!!!!!

A couple of months ago I decided to home school Micki her last year of school. When we moved from La. some of her credits were not applied to her new school, so it put her having to retake some classes which put her behind. I thought by home schooling that maybe we could make up those classes and she could graduate with her class. When applying to home school they give you a pre-GED test which put you in placement. Micki passed it with flying colors !!! She then was able to take her GED. Now, she really wanted to pass her test and at the time before she took it, Pastor Holmes had asked that our young people not be on any social networking on the computer. Micki submitted to her Pastor and promised to delete her facebook and myspace and started asking the Lord to help her with her test. She went with me everyday to the church to pray. I think she only missed one or two days in the past couple of months. We went out of town this weekend and when we got home at around 9:00 pm on Monday evening, her DIPLOMA was in the mailbox. She shouted all over the kitchen and then we cried and thanked the Lord for blessing her. She not only passed it, her score was THREE times higher than the average score !!!!! Thank you Jesus, when he blesses, he blesses good !
Micki, just want you to know that I am so very proud of you. I knew when you said you would submit to Pastor that you were going to pass this test. I am happy that you not only passed your test, but that you are learning to lean upon the Lord. Trust in him always, he will never fail you ! There are many new beginnings in a persons life, birth, teenage years, graduation, marriage... ect. This is another new beginning for you. I gave you back to the Lord as a baby, that was your first beginning, now you are a young adult and your decisions will affect your newest beginning. Begin it with the Lord by your side and all your decisions will be the right ones. Whit and I, along with your brother, grandparents, and loved ones, want you to know that we love you and are proud of you. Next step....... college !!!!

"At the end of the day, it isn't the camera that takes the picture, it's the photographer"

"At the end of the day, it isn't the camera that takes the picture, it's the photographer"